Wednesday, February 04, 2009

VMWare Server 2.0 on Ubuntu - Guest windows 2003 server

I had a need to refresh my M$ Knowledge and tried to do that.

As my laptop (inspiron 1525) runs with Ubuntu, I have downloaded vmware server 2.0 (available for free from vmware site). And then installed windows 2003 on it.

Few issues and how I resolved it.

1. default windows desktop size was very small.
fix: increase the resolution, and it made my windows desktop to use full laptop screen.
2. Login problem:
I was not able to send Ctrl+Alt+Del signal after installing it, but then some one on internet suggested to try
Ctrl+Alt+ PrintScrn combination, it worked.
3. Keyboard problem: Del button and arrow keys were not working. probably some other keys were too not working. down arrow was behaving as if it is the windows button, and backspace was working as del button. Yes I had no way of backspacing my text.

Fix: I followed this link and found the fix working.

I tried solution 3 mentioned in the blog post.
i.e login as root and execute 'echo "xkeymap.nokeycodeMap = true" >> ~/.vmware/config'
It worked for me. Yes it is not the typical sudo. sudo didnt work for me (also mentioned in the article). Opened new shell and logged in as root. then executed this command.

Surprising, it worked. now I am very much comfortable in the vmware win2k3 image.

Yes, as it is free ware, vmware might have left some known issues along with it. But then I am able to solve the issues in front of me.

Now, I can stick to Ubuntu and occassionally use windows by vmware server web console for specific needs.

I am happy.

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