Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today I tried playing with JOSSO, I spent around 4 to 5 hours. Wanted to setup JOSSO with NTLM authentication, but not successful yet.

Here is the log of what I have done.

Follow instructions from
there is some confusion here, as the article talks of using commands to install josso, but the downloaded file is not having the stuff related with the documentation.

Download Josso 1.8 release from download lcoation.

you can download the .tgz file which is around 42MB. this contains josso-gsh shell, which can be used to deploy the war file (documents on josso confluence site use this shell to deploy, it took a while for me to identify which file has this gsh file)
gateway install --target "D:/servers/Tomcat 6.0" --platform tc60

Either you can do this or download the tomact version and use it directly/build from source and use it.

in case if you need any further information best option is to google and if the josso site pages are not coming properly (in my case its getting timedout) then read the google cache.

As the 1.8 release happened almost a week back, we might face problems in setting up things propely, more help might come into internet in the comming weeks.

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