Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Maven comes really handly when it comes to managing project structure, building code etc. Its flexible dependency management is the best feature I go for.

In case if you want to start with maven, and looking for a starting point, Download latest maven (comes as a zip file, unzip it) and set your PATH environment variable to bin folder.
Now type "mvn archetype:generate" it lists out possible project types available. the follow up steps are self explanatory.

If you are looking for a specific project type (like a simple web application with springs configured etc), you might need to google for it. With little bit of effort you will get to find proper archtypes.

One problem I faced with maven POM (Project Object Model) files is with specific dependencies (jar files) which are not at all available on internet. I resolve them by creating similar structure locally and getting the near best possible jar file (yes I create folder strtucture, file name as required).

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

RESTful web services

RESTful services are a nice way of integrating how the web interacts with Humans and Machines in the simplest format. Though developer community doesn't feel any pain in building standard web services using SOAP, WSDL over HTTP, there is lot of complexity behind implementing web services.

RESTful web services offer simplest solution, making same HTTP protocol used for web services as well.

There are 2 important aspects in RESTful services.

1. Web method
2. Scope

When we use standard web services, web service method name is very important. RESTful removes this overhead. Just use the standard HTTP GET, POST,PUT,DELETE etc methods for any transaction.

Scope of the request is similar to the query string logic of HTTP. Query string must be able to define the scope of a client request, on what he needs to be done.

I will post more about it as and when I get time.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sify broadband from Ubuntu/Kubuntu

Here are the instructions to install sify broadband client in Kubuntu/Ubuntu 8.10

Download the client from the location
When I clicked the link for linux, it opened up a PDF file with the details. look for the li. for ux client link

then execute the following commands (after downloading the file).

gunzip sify_bbclient-3.0.tar.gz
tar -xvf sify_bbclient-3.0.tar

From the exploded location, execute

execute sudo ./

gksudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

gksudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

now, you can execute "sifyconnect" command from terminal and it pops up sify bb client.

Make sure you call sify customer care to register your system/laptop physical address so as you can connect without any problem.