Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Maven comes really handly when it comes to managing project structure, building code etc. Its flexible dependency management is the best feature I go for.

In case if you want to start with maven, and looking for a starting point, Download latest maven (comes as a zip file, unzip it) and set your PATH environment variable to bin folder.
Now type "mvn archetype:generate" it lists out possible project types available. the follow up steps are self explanatory.

If you are looking for a specific project type (like a simple web application with springs configured etc), you might need to google for it. With little bit of effort you will get to find proper archtypes.

One problem I faced with maven POM (Project Object Model) files is with specific dependencies (jar files) which are not at all available on internet. I resolve them by creating similar structure locally and getting the near best possible jar file (yes I create folder strtucture, file name as required).

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Harinath Mallepally said... is one good link for some useful archtypes