Saturday, September 24, 2005

Accenture Shaping the Future Forum 2005

Today i attended a full day training at Leela palace on SAP Netweaver.
Actually my intention was to get lunch at Leela palace and so i paid 200/- when the entry fee for the event. But then i got enough stuff and a T-Shirt and importantly i got the first prize in the quiz which gave me 1500/- gift voucher.

It was interesting to listen about Netweaver. Accenture is working on Netweaver to provide solutions to its client. Both Accenture and SAP are big players in the market and are capable of capturing market share on the Composite applications domain.

Well, that was the interesting part of the session, that is the theme behind the Netweaver, its about Composite Applications. They seems ready to hit the market. At one point of time i was wondering is the Digital Harbor loosing its lead in the Composite Applications? they are talking more in detail about the Composite Applications. The theory looked better then what i heard at Digital Harbor.
And they are working going to hit the market soon with CAF (Composite Application Framework, which is an IDE based on Eclipse). They are doing wonderful stuff, generate spicy real time reports in no time. They have xApps for composite Applications.

Features of SAP NetWeaver are

1. People Integration
2. Information Integration
3. Process Integration
4. Application Integration and Platform

But then the issues that are ahead of composite applications are too discussed.

1. Managing the complexities of the Composite Applications
2. Life cycle management of the applications and making sure that those applications are running and talking with each other.

There was new thing that i come across, SAP is having a concept called ESA, which i havent heard before (as i know :-) ) well. This ESA (Enterprise Service Architecture) is a business implemetation of the SOA.

There was intersting discussion about how the innovation works.. first innovate something, then work on it and make sure you consolidate it. create a standardization of the innovation, then you outsource the work to somebody else and engage your guys to innovate something else.. Looks impressive isnt it?

Few of the components that are required for developing composite applications are
1. A single common execution architecture
2. An eAI Tool
3. A portal Engine
4. A BI (Business Intelligence) Platform
5. A custom Development Engine
6. A collabarative engine
7. Knowledge Management engine.
8. A work flow engine
9. A process management engine
10.A mobile development plaftform

Netweaver comes with a refrigiretor architecture and it looks impressive.

They are talking of various terms like XI (the SAP Exchange Infrastructure)
Master Data Management (MDM),xIEP, ALE,IDocs, EP (Enterprise Portal)

At the outset, it was an interesting session i attended.
now i got think of what to do with my gift vouchers..

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